TIDAL Lab is a team of designers, artists, learning scientists, and computer scientists at Northwestern University. Our research creates innovative learning experiences using new forms of interactive technology. We take a cautious but optimistic stance towards technology that tightly couples learning research and design.

Current Projects

Recent News

New York Times: Very Young Programmers

Mike's work on Tangible Programming in the DevTech group at Tufts University mentioned in the New York Times Science Section

Seeing Science (September 2013)

Biomedical Computation Review writes about the DeepTree exhibit

Best Design Paper Award

Our Going Deep paper wins Best Design Paper Award at the CSCL'13 conference in Madison.

Life on Earth Exhibits Launch!

Our Life on Earth exhibits have launched at the California Academy of Sciences and the Field Museum

ACM TechNews: Teaching Tree-Thinking Through Touch

Article on our Build-a-Tree exhibit from the Life on Earth project

Affiliated Research Labs

Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling (CCL)
Scientists' Discovery Room (SDR) Lab
Harvard University
Learning, Interaction, and Media in the Everyday (LIME) Lab
Northwestern University
The Collaborative Technology Laboratory (CollabLab)
Northwestern University
Delta Lab
Northwestern University
Office of STEM Education Partnerships (OSEP)
Northwestern University

Museum Collaborators